Go West! fundraising dinner


On July 10th I hosted a fundraising dinner for West Derby MP Stephen Twigg, Dame Tessa Jowell MP and Victoria Groulef, Labour PPC for Reading West, at my restaurant Troia. There was a huge turn out to help raise vital funds for a key target seat at the next General Election and to hear from our guest speaker Shadow Foreign Secretary, Douglas Alexander MP.

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Fundraising will be a vital part of a successful campaign here in Enfield Southgate. Since I became CLP fundraising officer I’ve worked hard to raise funds to help us beat the Tories. I’ve organised dinners and socials with high profile shadow cabinet members, raising over £12,000 and recruiting new members.

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Reception with David Miliband


Shortly after the last general election I organised a reception with David Miliband for Labour Party members. David spoke to a packed audience about why he thought Labour had lost the last election, what he thought we need to do to win back the public’s trust. The turnout for the event was huge and I was delighted that David was able to find time to talk to us.

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Meeting Jesse Jackson


Earlier this year I was privileged to meet Rev. Jesse Jackson, during his visit to London.

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Meeting Polly Toynbee and David Walker


Last year I organised for Guardian columnists, co-authors and husband and wife, Polly Toynbee and David Walker spoke to a meeting of Enfield Southgate Labour Party.

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Meeting with Owen Jones


A few months ago I attended an Enfield Southgate members meeting with Owen Jones, the Independent columnist and author of Chavs: The demonization of the working class.

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Launch of Kurds for Labour


I believe the most important part of the Labour party are the members and I’m always thinking about what we can do to strengthen our movement. That’s why two (check) years ago I helped to found a new group called Kurds for Labour.

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Meeting with Shadow Secretary of State, Caroline Flint


Earlier this year I met with Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Caroline Flint MP to discuss rising energy bills.

The average household duel fuel bill now costs £1,400, up more than £300 since the last election and many people are struggling to meet the cost of keeping their home warm in winter. Many of the big energy companies are making huge profits, while at the same time raising prices for their customers. Yet despite this injustice the current government has done nothing to stand up to them and to fight for hard pressed consumers.

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Happy Birthday NHS


A few weeks ago the NHS celebrated a significant milestone – it’s 65th Birthday. It’s a fantastic achievement and made me prouder than ever to be a member of the party which created our health service.

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David Cameron’s broken promise on rail fares


Like many people in Enfield I often use the train to get into London and since the start of the year I’ve noticed the huge increase in cost. The reason for this is David Cameron’s broken promise on rail fares.

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