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My campaign video: Why I want to be the next Labour MP for Vauxhall

Hello, my name is Ibrahim Dogus and I am asking for your support to be the next Labour Member of Parliament for Vauxhall.

Kate Hoey has announced that she will not contest the seat at the next election. After 30 years of service, I wish her all the best.
It’s no secret that I disagree with her on some big issues, like fox hunting, which I think it cruel and should stay banned; or Brexit, where I think she is completely wrong.

I have always campaigned against Brexit, because it will harm business, cost jobs and put our NHS up for sale to the Americans.

I want to be the Labour candidate in Vauxhall at the next election to protect my community against a harmful Brexit, and to bring people together after all these months of Tory division and conflict.

But - it is vital that we don’t let Brexit drown out all the other issues that local people care about.

As the Labour candidate, and as your MP, I will campaign on:

- A People’s Vote on Brexit:
I will fight to ensure that the United Kingdom remains the open, tolerant and compassionate country that welcomed me as a child. I will campaign and vote to remain in the EU.

- Our NHS:
The NHS saved my life. I will do whatever it takes to protect it as a truly public health service for all, free from privatisation and supportive of its patients and staff - no matter where they come from.

- Knife Crime:
My experience as an anti-gang activist means I know first-hand the importance of a community-led approach that sees violence as preventable rather than inevitable. I will work with police and community leaders to make Vauxhall is a safe place for everyone.

- Affordable Housing:
Everyone has the right to a safe, secure and affordable home - it helped give me a fair start in life. We urgently need more social housing that provides the bedrock for strong local communities.

- The Climate Crisis:
From cleaner air in Vauxhall to the transition to a post-carbon economy, I will put creating a sustainable future for our children at the heart of everything I do.

- Constituency Office:
I grew up knowing the value of being rooted in your local community and it has continued to shape everything I do. That's why I believe it's important to have an office in the heart of Vauxhall where residents can have their voice heard.

We need a Labour Government to achieve these things, so I will campaign to get the Tories out and Labour into office.

I’ve shown as a community activist, a councillor, a campaigner, a fundraiser, and as Mayor of Lambeth that I can mobilise and energise people.

I can win new support in Vauxhall. I can serve all the communities of this wonderful, diverse part of London, whether your roots here go back for decades, or just a few months.

You can help me be the first-ever Labour MP from a Kurdish background – another historic first for Vauxhall!

Most of all, I will work with Labour’s members in Vauxhall, and with our trade union affiliates, to create a force which can transform our community and build a better world.

I hope you will join me – the details of how to get in touch are here