My experience

I am a businessman and entrepreneur currently owning and running three small businesses, employing over 60 people.

As a community activist in the UK for many years, I have supported communities originating from Turkey and neighbouring countries. I was Chair of a national Kurdish/Turkish charity; I am the founder and publisher of the Lambeth Life newspaper the founder and director of the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS); founder of the Telgraf newspaper, London Kurdish Films Festival, SME4Labour , founder and director of the Centre for Kurdish Progress and British Kebab Awards.

I have also previously worked for Haringey Council, promoting community and cultural interests, within their Library Services department. I have been a member of Independent Advisory Group (IAG) for Hackney Police and a member of the Equalities Commission for the GLA during Ken Livingstone’s London mayoralty.

I also worked to raise funds order to establish and run several football leagues, with over 30 football teams in North London. I did this for four years between 2004 and 2008. This formed part of larger a sporting strategy to reach out to socially disadvantaged youth and young people not in employment, education or training, as a means to use sport to help tackle the complex issues of anti-social behaviour, drug addiction and crime.

I hold an MA degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies and a BA in Politics from the University of Greenwich.

I am a Londoner through and through, and have dedicated much of my life to making life better for people in this city, helping people advance and supporting business growth.

I have recently been elected as a Labour councillor for Bishop’s Ward in Vauxhall where we saw a fantastic outcome at the local elections, with each ward in the constituency returning a full roster of Labour councillors.
I am honoured to be counted among those elected and am looking forward to working hard on behalf of the residents of Bishop’s ward.